Ramachandra Guha’s ‘India After Independence’ and other history books added to the hostel library


Ramachandra Guha’s award winning book ‘India After Independence: The history of the world’s largest democracy’, Satish Chandra’s ‘History of Medieval India’ and Spectrum’s ‘A Brief History of Modern India’ added to the hostel library. Though Bipin Chandra’s ‘India Since Indepedence’ and Ramachandra Guha’s ‘India After Independence’ are both recommended for post-independence history of India, we chose the later as it is more exhaustive, contemporary and unbiased in its outlook compared to the former. ‘India after Gandhi’ was chosen Book of the Year by ‘The Economist’, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and ‘Outlook’, among others and has also won the 2011 Sahitya Akademi Award for English. Satish Chandra’s ‘History of Modern India’ is regarded as the best book on medieval Indian history while Spectrum’s book is regarded as the best book for history of modern India prior to Indian Independence. Both Spectrum and ‘India’s Struggle for Independence’ by Bipin Chandra which we added earlier encompass the period of Indian freedom struggle under the British rule. The main difference between the two is that Spectrum’s book is concise and hence, faster to read and revise while Bipin Chandra’s book is a lot more extensive.