Planned floors for hostel expansion going on in full swing

Construction of further floors in hostel building going on in full swing which might be used for further expansion of both facilities as well as number of seats in the hostel. The construction quality is top notch as always using the best of raw materials for construction. Tata Tiscon Long Steel earthquake resistant bars (regarded no.1 in steel/TMT bars and a superbrand), Lafarge Duraguard Cement (no.1 cement manufacturer in the world), quality gitti/chips, the best quality sand, kodoi, ahoi and gamari wood, high quality extremely thick and heavy iron grills for windows and doors etc. have been used in construction of these floors. Heavy high quality iron used for the windows and ventilators for maximum safety. A couple of days back, 4 windows+ventilators and a couple of grills were delivered from the grill/welding construction shop and that weighed a mighty 651 kg. (Just to give you an idea of the quality and thickness of iron used in the grills) Quality always comes at a price but we never compromise on quality while still keeping it affordable and beneficial for all our boarders. 🙂