Happy Birthday Fahiya



Birthday celebrations in the hostel today. Happy birthday Fahiya. May the year ahead be filled with happiness and contentment in your personal life and hope you have achieve success in every sphere of life including your studies.

Individual ‘table cum almirah’ to be provided to new boarders in hostel extension

Here are some photographs of the “study table cum almirah” that we are providing on the new seats in the hostel extension. We opted for this instead of the wall almirah provided to earlier boarders. Each individual boarder will be provided with one such piece of furniture in addition to a divan bed (with lockable storage space) and chair. This custom made furniture has got three compartments overall and five compartments in totality (two of them are divided into another two compartments using shelf) and two drawers. The middle compartment unfolds into a study table cum book shelf and can be folded back into the furniture once studying is completed. The upper and lower compartments are large and extra spacious and can be used for clothes and other personal belongings. All the compartments are provided with lock facility and have got polished/prelaminated surfaces both in the interior as well as exterior side of the furniture. The height of the table cum almirah has been custom designed to be 5 feet 6 inches. The width of the furniture is 2 feet 6 inches while the depth/breadth is 15 inches. The study table compartment after being opened is nearly 3 feet long.

almirah cum study table guwahati girls hostel

All compartments closed

almirah cum study table pretty girls hostel guwahati

Upper compartment, lower compartments and drawers open

study table and upper almirah open

Study table cum book shelf and upper compartment open


Side view when furniture compartments closed


Side view when furniture compartments open