All Fire Extinguishers upgraded to latest IS specification today

All our 4 fire extinguishers have been upgraded/replaced with the latest ISI Specification i.e. IS : 15683 from the earlier IS 9001 Specification as per recommendation of the Assam Fire Department. These include 2 Carbon Dioxide extinguishers and 2 dry powder extinguishers. The dry powder extinguishers have also been replaced this time around with heavier 6 kg extinguishers for extra safety though the recommendation as per Assam Fire Department was only 4-4.5 kg. The carbon dioxide extinguishers have flexible outlet/pipe in the latest specification (the outlet was fixed in our earlier extinguishers) in order to make it easier to point and use the extinguisher quickly during fire emergency. All the changes in the four fire extinguishers are beneficial both from logical and practical point of view in case of any fire emergency.

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Fire Extinguisher and Fire Alarm


One of the four fire extinguishers installed in the hostel with a fire alarm. Planning to upgrade them soon to the latest IS Specification.