Rules & Regulations

The rules & regulations are as follows:

1. Boarder should submit her Identity Proof Copy, 2 nos. Passport Sized Photo along with Parent’s and Local Guardian’s Identity Proof Copy and Photo.

2. Only Parents and Local Guardian are allowed to visit the P.G.

3. Male visitors will not be allowed to enter the Boarder’s room. It is strictly prohibited. Otherwise authority shall take any action deemed fit.

4. Boarders will not be allowed to roam around the street in front of the P.G. premises with any boy.

5. Alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the P.G. premises. The boarders should not keep any addictive items like drugs or any other illegal items with them. In such case, she will be handed over to the police and she shall be immediately evicted from the P.G.

6. Boarder will have to keep her belongings at her own risk. The authority will not be responsible for loss of any kind of things like ornaments, money, important documents etc.

7. Boarder should keep her respective room clean and tidy.

8. Photographs, Posters shall not be pasted or displayed on the walls of the room.

9. The compound gate will be closed at 8 PM every day and every Boarder will have to enter the Hostel within 7 PM.

10. If any Boarder wants to leave the P.G. then she must inform the authority before one month.

11. If any Boarder will make any damage/loss of the P.G. property, the damages will have to be borne by her.

12. Authority will not be responsible for any kind of unauthorized acts done by the Boarder outside the P.G. premises.

13. The P.G. authority reserves the right to evict any boarder from the P.G. at any time if the authority notices unlawful activities or unauthorized acts done by her.

14. The P.G. authority reserves the right to close the P.G. due to unavailability of staff etc. to run the business smoothly. In such a scenario, three months time will be given to the boarders to search for a new hostel or P.G.