Three of Nikhil Mahajan’s books added to the hostel library


Three of Nikhil Mahajan’s books i.e. My Love Never Faked, As Long as I Love You and A Little Love Incident added to the hostel library.

Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Leema Dhar’s 3 novels added to the hostel library


Harper Lee’s cult novel To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee and three of Leema Dhar’s novels – The Girl Who Kissed the Snake, You Touched My Heart, and Mom and I loved a terrorist added to the hostel library. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird has won the Pulitzer Prize and is renowned for its warmth and humour. Both the novel and the 1962 Hollywood movie based on it are regarded as one of the best ever in American history.

Happy Rongali Bihu


Wish all our past and present boarders and website visitors a very happy Rongali Bihu. May this new year bring happiness, joy, peace and prosperity in all your lives.

Happy birthday Roushan



Birthday celebrations in the hostel. Happy birthday Roushan. May you fulfill all your dreams and aspirations in the year ahead.

Novoneel Chakraborty’s books & Lavanya Sankaran and S.V. Divvaakar’s book added to the hostel library


Novoneel Chakraborty’s books “A Thing Beyond Foever – The reward for every true love is not love…” and “EX a twisted love story” added to the hostel library. Also added U.S. based Indian author books & Lavanya Sankaran’s internationally acclaimed short story collection “The Red Carpet”, which spent two years on the best-seller lists. S.V. Divvaakar’s book “Beaten by Bhagath” added to the hostel library too.